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Sunday, July 7, 2013

24 Hour Fruit Salad

One of the pleasant memories i have growing up is going to the local grocery store with my mom and looking forward to visiting the deli and getting a delicious Ambrosia Fruit Salad. If i was really good i would get a large container, and boy, would i be in heaven! It was the best fruit salad my mouth had ever devoured! My mom ended up acquiring a recipe that in the most part, was the same, but it was called 24 Hour Fruit Salad. Talk about a happy kid! Of course, when i grew up i had to have the recipe! Here it is in all its glory, yellowed and stained from all the times making this wonderful recipe!

Now, i have altered a few things, but one thing i would never change is the custard you make, this is the secret ingredient. I've googled this recipe and found this step of the recipe has been altered, i beg you keep the original. I promise, you might love me for it!


For Custard:
3 Egg Yolks
3 Tablespoons Sugar
1/4- 1/3 Cup of Reserved Pineapple Juice
3 Tablespoons Vinegar

For Salad:
1 Small Bag Mini Marshmallows
1 Can Fruit Cocktail Drained
1 Can Crushed Pineapple (Reserve Juice for Custard)
1 Can Mandarin Oranges Drained
1 Small Jar Maraschino Cherries Cut in Half
1 Cup Chopped Pecans
1 Cup Flaked Coconut
 1/2 Pint Heavy Whipping Cream

 First off, add the bowl and the beaters for whipping the cream into the freezer to chill.

For Custard- add all four ingredients into either a double boiler or a small saucepan. For the small saucepan you will need to nestle this pan into a larger saucepan filled about halfway with water. 

Cook on medium heat stirring constantly until custard thickens. You want it the consistency of pudding. If water in bottom pot starts to boil turn the heat down. Once thickened remove from heat and let cool.

While custard cools start assembling fruit salad. In a large bowl add all of the canned fruits and cherries, make sure their drained. Mix well. Add coconut and pecans. Mix well. Add marshmallows. Mix well.

After custard has cooled add about half of the mixture into fruit salad, stir gently. Add remaining custard and stir gently.

Remove bowl and beaters from freezer and add whipping cream to bowl and beat until stiff peaks form, refer to pictures if needed.

Add whipped cream to fruit salad and fold in gently until well mixed.

After mixed, place plastic wrap over top and refrigerate overnight.

Serve cold.
Note: This recipe doesn't call for very much sugar. Don't be tempted to add more, the marshmallows add plenty of sweetness to salad.

Add bowl and beaters to freezer

Add ingredients for custard to double boiler
Stirring constantly

Almost ready

It will look like pudding when thickened, let cool

Add fruits into bowl
 Add coconut and pecans

Stir well
Add half of cooled custard mixture, stir gently, repeat
Stir well but gently
Beat whipping cream in chilled bowl with chilled beaters
Until stiff peaks form
Whipped cream is ready
Add to fruit salad
Fold gently until well mixed
Ready for fridge

Ready to eat!

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