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Monday, March 11, 2013

Oven Chili Cheese Dogs and Tots

So I absolutely love Pinterest. How many times have I ran into a recipe I liked but wasn't going to make at the moment. And then Pinterest came. Thank you, thank you! All those found recipes get bookmarked and will eventually be cooked!
 In the coming weeks, I'll be adding Pinterest recipes that have been made and give you the low down on how good they are.
Here is a really tasty recipe found through Pinterest for Oven Chili Cheese Dogs. This isn't a very healthy meal but hey, if your gonna eat junk food you might as well go all out!
Of course, I always have to add my own touch. My modifications can be found below. 
 Once you make these you'll find your self wanting to make them again! They really are that good!
The recipe, Oven Hot Dog Recipe
Here is a few changes i made to the recipe. I think the chili and cheese you use makes or breaks a good dog.
The Chili Sauce. If you have a favorite hot dog restaurant ask if you can purchase some of their chili sauce, more than likely they will be accommodating . If not, pick your favorite. I found a really good chili sauce at the grocery store, the brand is Texas Pete, here's a link to purchase it online directly, Texas Pete Chili Sauce 

The Cheese. The melty cheese like Kraft Cheese Whiz is the only way to go with these.
I also use a 13 x 9 baking pan.
 In the spaces between the hot dogs I place tater tots to soak up the melty cheese and chili, oh ma gosh! So good!

This is before being cooked. We really slather on the chili and cheese!

Fresh out of the oven! Yummy!

Be prepared to feel guilty and very stuffed after enjoying this!

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